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Name: Mrs Potter

Likes: spending time with my husband and children, my mum and extended family, watching rugby union.

Dislikes: shellfish and driving

Hobbies: knitting, sewing and making gin.

Favourite film: The Pelican Brief

Favourite book: Pride and Prejudice

Favourite food: lasagne

Favourite subject: English 

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

Nurse because I like caring for people

Who is your hero/heroin?

My dad because he was super cool, funny and always there for me 






Our Week by MW and CC

admin on: Bankhouse

We have been learning about tigers and writing non fiction facts about them.  We used commas.  In the rainforest there are lots of animals like macaws, gorillas, snakes and pandas.

In Maths we have been doing more than and less than. Reception children have been counting to ten and to twenty.

Mr Richardson asked us to pretend to ride bikes in PE. We had to run round like we were on a bike and pretend to ring a bell and do wheelies.  With Project Sport we did spiderman tig and toilet tig.  We had great fun!

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Chinese New Year


Maths Fun


Number Bonds

Hotseating in Literacy

Fun In The Snow

 Bankhouse Curriculum Overview

Our class blog

Bankhouse-Autumn 1 2017

Bankhouse-Autumn 1 2017-Reception

admin on: Bankhouse-Autumn 1 2017

The children have started phonics and they are now spelling simple words using their phonic knowledge. They have been learning all about their bodies and they have been looking at signs of Autumn.

Please continue to read with your child everyday and please practise reading and spelling those key words.

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week ending 20/11/15

copley on: Bankhouse

We have been using beebots this week. We have also been writing sentences. We sang a Spanish song today in assembly.

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week ending 13/11/15

copley on: Bankhouse

We all dressed up today for Children in Need. Many thanks for the wonderful outfits. The Bankhouse Beauties were brilliant today. From next week Jessica M and Max will be our bloggers

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week ending 19/6/15

copley on: Bankhouse

We have been writing letters this week in literacy and reading,'Two Can Toucan'. We have been learning about fractions in maths. Year 1 have done their phonics test. We can't wait for sports day next week!!! Yippee!!!!

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Week ending 5th June 2015

copley on: Bankhouse

This week we have been reading Barbapapa and writing letters and postcards. We have also been investigating which material makes the best plane...it was card!!! On Wednesday we released the butterflies, thank you Kim for looking after them over the holidays. Next year, Freddie is going to look after the tadpoles. Ha ha ha!

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week ending 15/5/2015

copley on: Bankhouse

We have been solving word problems in maths. The caterpillars are turning into cocoons and the tadpoles are growing fast.

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