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Teacher profile

Name: Mrs Shackleton

Likes: chocolate, eating out, cats, dogs and horses

Dislikes: spiders!

Hobbies: walking, watching cricket (in summer!), reading, seeing my friends, sewing, painting

Favourite film: the little mermaid

Favourite book: all of the Harry Potter books

Favourite food: pizza, nachos, strawberries

Favourite subject: art and DT


If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

I wanted to be a graphic designer or fashion designer when I left school because I love to draw and be creative and use my sewing machine, but at the time it wasn’t for me and now I love teaching!

Who is your hero/heroin?

My Granny! She is the funniest, kindest and most honest person I know! She taught me a lot and still does now.



The children in Northdene have made a really good start to school. They have been busy exploring all of the areas in the classroom and getting to know each other. 

We loved getting our suits and wellies on and splashing in the rain. We sprinkled powder paints on the floor to see what happened when they mixed with the raindrops and each other.

We created Rangoli patterns and learnt all about Diwali and how Hindus celebrate this festival of light. We were very lucky to be part of a Diwali dance workshop which we loved! 

This is our curriculum map for 2017-18