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Name: Mr. Walker

Likes: Sports, Strawberry milkshakes, singing in my car, animals, sweets and of course the mighty reds! Manchester United! 

Dislikes: Watching Man. U lose! And heights! Not a big fan of heights!

Hobbies: Playing football, reading and taking my dog out into the woods!

Favourite film: Shrek or Home alone!

Favourite book: Percy the park keeper is my all time favourite, but I do like the Alex Rider series.

Favourite food: Spaghetti Carbonara or Thai red curry!

Favourite subject: Numeracy and PE!

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

I’ve actually always wanted to be a teacher! I have a younger sister and since a young age I would teach her what ever I could! However if I weren’t a teacher I would definitely be the top scorer for Manchester United!

Who is your hero/heroin?

Well I suppose it has to be my Dad really, he has all the attributes of a hero!





Our Week by EWW and CB

admin on: Springwood

Maths has been all about finding perimeters.  Do you know what the perimeter is?  A perimeter is a measurement of the whole of the outside of a shape.

In Literacy we have just started fairy tales and this week we are reading Little Red Riding Hood.  We have been looking at characters in the story and have written a diary entry of Little Red Riding Hood's day.

We've been doing about plants in Science and how plants have adapted to their habitat.

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 Springwood have been busy!


A huge thank you to all the children and parents for your fantastic effort at making these brilliant 3D pyramids over the holidays. We are going to decide on a winner next week in class! But a huge well done to all of you! 

 Springwood Curriculum Overview

Our class blog


What have we done this week?

copley on: Springwood

On Monday this week we started a new book called Truckers by Terry Pratchett and we learnt all about the Nomes! We also began to look at the Egyptian Goddess Cleopatra! 

On Tuesday we were back to going swimming down at Sowerby Bridge and we had a great time! 

This week on Wednesday we made 4 inch people and we went outside and found out what it would be like to be a Nome, and we began to plan our new science experiment all about plants!

On Thursday had cricket with Graham and we learnt how to bowl, we also used the Ipads to investigate our new adventure we are going on in Literacy. We also investigated rivers around the world! We like the Yangtze river! 

On Friday Mr. walker gave us a challenge to make something that would keep an egg safe when it would be dropped from a height! And our WOW was Meg this week and Omaymah was our class hero! 

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copley on: Springwood

On Monday Spring-Wood all got new seats and new partners, we also got some new chatterboxes! In history we're still doing about the Ancient Egyptians and this week we did Egyptian diaries.


On Tuesday in Literacy we were all part of the Denmark investigation team investigating on the Grendel! We played with capacity in numeracy,Jack B and Xander caused a flood,and then like usual after lunch we had a nice swim.It was also Chloe's birthday!


On Wednesday in literacy we made some fantastic similes and metaphors, and then in Spanish we learnt about parts of the house.


On Thursday in P.E we had Graham from Sri-Lanka to teach us some throwing and catching skills in cricket.


On Friday we began to learn about water cycle in geography and then in literacy we did a Grendel storyboard.In numeracy we did mass questions, and then in the afternoon we had golden time. 

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copley on: Springwood

we had an election to see who would lead our Greek army between achilles and odysseus,odysseus won       we started playing cricket.

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copley on: Springwood

Every thursday afternoon we go to Ravenscliffe and this week we hugged trees! We tried to find out how old the trees were.

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