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Love Grave by Toby, Leila, Olivia and Wilf

GET OUT! by Fern, Scarlett, Hannah and Neha

A Tale of Violence and Football by Rueben, Max and Floella

TITLE TEXT HERE by Susie and Ana

Weeks 4 and 5


We have been carrying on with the filming and editing of our film trailers over the last couple of sessions. The kids have been having fun developing their ideas each week and we can see how their ideas for what they want the trailer to look like change over the weeks as they have to learn to adapt and compromise with the surroundings and the props available. In many cases the children have found that it is best to mainly focus on close-ups and filming in small spaces which makes the viewer concentrate on the people rather than the background. It is a good skill to have when you aren't able to film with the exact location you desire.

A lot of the groups are including elements of horror into their genre, which means a lot of tomato ketchup has been used, as well as white face paint. Toby, Olivia, Leila and Wilf's group has been really creative in making their trailer. Making good use of close up shots and short camera shots to make a trailer which is first funny, then moody and macabre. 

Ebony, Bea and Kate's group have so far got a film which is over 4 minutes long, consisting of lots of gruesome and scary moments. It may be good to edit it down to the key moments and add a dramatic backing track to emphasise it.

Enzo, Xander and Jack have been recreating World War 2 fight scenes in their trailer and have kept it short to keep the viewer hooked on the action. It is coming on really well. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results next week.

Week 3


Onto week 3 and we began with planning our movie trailer. All of the groups got a blank storyboard where they could sketch key scenes from the trailer and add note if they wish, such as who needed to say what, or information about where the scenes would be filmed, or what props would be needed. 

Needless to say there was some demand for tomato ketchup as a blood substitute as it seemed that most groups opted for making their film with a gory theme. Themes included 'horror', 'zom-rom-com', 'zombie-horror' and my personal favourite - Ruben, Max and Floella's 'Football-ninja-horror' which really is the genre we've all been waiting for.

Unfortunately for Enzo, Xander and Jack's group, Mrs Oldfield decided the school funds couldn't stretch to buying a Lamborghini, so they had to change their approach.

Toby teamed up with fellow year sixes Olivia and Leila, and year 3 Wilf for their trailer, which started off with 2 nerds with exceptionally large glasses walking towards each other unknowingly before crashing into each other with assorted books crashing to the ground. Their last shot of the day involving Leila adjusting her glasses before launching a paperback straight into poor Toby's face. Leila seemed to enjoy this a little too much...


I couldn't quite grasp the entire story line of Bea's group's effort, though a notable scene involved Bea spitting out a mouthfull of ketchup into a bowl after presumably being bitten by a zombie. It wasn't pleasant viewing, but then it is a horror film after all. Though what I found even more horrific was my having to clean the bowl out afterwards.


Next week the plan is to continue with filming, and we may view some actual film trailers to help inspire the children further.

Week 2


This week Mr Walker introduced the group to different types of shots, and how these can be used together effectively to make a scene look more dynamic and interesting. There are wide shots (which show a large area), full shots (which show all of the actor's body), mid shots (showing the top half of the actor, ie the head and upper body), close ups ( which show just the head of the actor) and extreme close ups (which focus on a specific part of the actor, such as the eyes, mouth or hands). 

The children were then given the task of creating a short video which made use of the different camera shots. The films produced immediately looked more professional, simply due to the fact that there was a range of different shots, taken at different angles and from different distances away from the action. Some children went outside into the yard to film and made use of the yard to help them create wide shots as well as close ups

With the  skills the children have picked up from the first two sessions, next week they are going to begin planning their very own film trailer. I can't wait to see what ideas they come up with! 

As promised, here is the video which head boy Toby made in week one. Enjoy!

Week 1


Thursday 2nd March was the first session of our new Media Club. It takes place for the next 8 weeks (that's what the kids told us anyway) after school in Springwood Class. In the first session Mr Walker introduced the children to what they would be doing on the course. 

He explained that they are all going to be making a film trailer. They can decide on the genre (which means the type of film, for example: comedy, action or horror) and come up with some ace ideas on how to film it. Mr Walker then showed us his own A-level project from when he was at secondary school, which was a film trailer for a horror genre.

he then showed them the app that they would be using to make their trailer, which is called 'iMovie'. It lets you take videos and then edit them, by stitching different videos together and adding special effect like sound effects.

The children were then given 15 minutes to experiment with the new app and make a very short video, involving an argument and a fight scene. When one of the children pretended to hit the other, somebody off the screen clapped their hand to make it sound like the person had really been hit!

Even after only a quarter of an hour, we had some really good results! Including a 20 second silent movie by Olivia and Leila (which involved some cracking acting from both Mr Walker and Mr Clegg) and a fantastic short video from our head boy, Toby - it involved Toby having an argument with Toby, before Toby got irate and punched Toby in the face. Might sound confusing, but it was brilliant. I'll have to upload it so you can see for yourselves. Watch this space!


Mr Clegg