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Week 3

admin on: 20/11/2020

This week we had a special day meeting our new friend Jay who is starting with us in the hub on Monday! Jay joined us on our outdoor adventure into Copley woods, where we climbed to the very top of the hills and enjoyed the views of Copley Village, even spotting our school!

We have been looking at the story 'The girl who went to the arctic' as we learn all about winter wonderlands! We can sequence the story pictures in order and even tell you what happened using all the new words we have learnt! We labelled all the continents onto a world map, finding out where Antarctica is and even having look on Google Earth at all the different continents and where they are!

We were also fantastic scientists this week looking at liquids, solids and gases and how they change! we undertook an icey cold experiment!

In numeracy we have finished our last week looking at time! Please ask me to sing all the different songs we have learnt and watch out as we sign to the songs too!

Have a lovely weekend!

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