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Home Schooling Resources April 2020

We have chosen the topic 'Journeys and transport' for this term We thought that although we can't really travel at this moment in time, we can reflect on and talk about the places we have been. We have tried to link our Literacy work with this focus in mind. 

As well as this you can share photographs and memories from trips you have been on together. Find the places you have visited on a map. Draw and label a picture of the trip. Talk about the different types of transport you have been on.

Also what about researching places you would like to visit in the future? Find out about the culture there, the food, transport, weather, animals, traditions etc. 

Enjoy! And please email us with any photographs or descriptions of the work you have completed. 


Here is a link to a video of Mrs Robins reading 'I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed' to accompany the RE work set. 

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