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Home Schooling resources July 6th -17th

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Parent Information.

 Parent Pack 6th July.docxDownload
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Maths Activities

 Complete number line 11 to 20.docxDownload
 Complete number line 20 to 11.docxDownload
 How many ways can you make 7.docxDownload
 How many ways can you make 8 A.docxDownload
 How many ways can you make 8 B.docxDownload
 number bonds part whole.docxDownload
 part whole 5.docxDownload
 Part whole 6.docxDownload
 Part Whole Model Doubles to 5.docxDownload
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Literacy activities

 I can read phase 3.pdfDownload
 Jungle and rainforest writing activity.pdfDownload
 Label the animals.docxDownload
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