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Parent information 

 LIT READ FIRST Parent info weeks 5 and 6.docxDownload
 MATHS READ FIRST Parent Info 17th May.docxDownload
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Maths w/c 18th May and 1st June

 MATHS build-a-shape-dinosaur-activity-_ver_3.pdfDownload
 MATHS Card biggerorsmaller.docxDownload
 MATHS Counting actions game.docxDownload
 MATHS Draw the right number.docxDownload
 MATHS Eid sweets Maths.docxDownload
 MATHS Fill in the shelves.docxDownload
 MATHS is fewermore than transport.docxDownload
 MATHS moreor less2.docxDownload
 MATHS superhero-missing-number-1-to-20-activity-_ver_2.pdfDownload
 MATHS Ten Frames Game 1.docxDownload
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Literacy w/c 18th May and 1st June

 LIT At the River.docxDownload
 LIT In a Wigwam.docxDownload
 LIT Job 1 draw a map.docxDownload
 LIT Job 2 draw and label a vehicle from the story.docxDownload
 LIT Job 2 vehicles to cut and label.docxDownload
 LIT Job 3 images to sequence.docxDownload
 LIT Job 3 sequencing sheet.docxDownload
 LIT Job 4 puppets.docxDownload
 LIT Job 6.docxDownload
 LIT Job 7 Match the rhyming words.docxDownload
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Topic/RE w/c 18th May and 1st June

 RE Home Learning What makes a good friend.docxDownload
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