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Name: Mrs Morse

Likes: Italy, Sunderland AFC, books, history, learning, peace and harmony.

Dislikes:  Newcastle United, pineapple, cagoules.

Hobbies: Music, theatre, reading, baking and trying to be a good mum.

Favourite film: Twelve Angry Men/Toy Story 2

Favourite book: Therese Raquin/Tess of the D’Urbervilles. 

Favourite food: Italian – Saltimbocca

Favourite subject: English/History



If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why?

I would like to have been an actress or theatre stage manager.  I always enjoyed drama/theatre groups when I was younger.  The dream I didn’t pursue!

Who is your hero/heroin?

My dad – kind, fair, funny, hardworking.





Our week by ISS and HG

admin on: Calder

In Maths we have been using number lines up to 10,000.  We have been doing lots of adding and subtracting too.  Also we have been learning about negative numbers.

In Literacy we have just finished reading the Ice Palace.  We had to write in the character of Starjik and make up our own ending.  We have also written a letter to Ivan from a Shapeshifter.

Topic has been all about the Anglo Saxons and where they came from and how they survived.  Did you know that they weren't warriors and had job such as a farmer. We linked our Art to our Topic too and have made lots of Anglo Saxon weapons out of cardboard.  We painted them and decorated them with jewels.

In Science we have been learning about hearing and sound and the different parts of the ear.  We have found out how sound travels down the ear.  We made string telephones using paper cups and string and found out if we could hear with them.  We were lucky enough to go into the Science room and do a few experiments.  We used confetti on  top of drums to watch how it moved with the vibration when we banged them.


Our first week in Calder by Mollie and Jonah

admin on: Calder

We have enjoyed our first week in Calder learning new things and getting to know our new teacher.  Mollie  was nervous about going into year 4 but Jonah wasn't.

In Maths we have been learning Roman Numerals.  They are letters which represent numbers. Did you know?  C = 100, M=1000, V= 5, I = 1 and L = 50. We see Roman Numerals in books for the chapters and on watches and clocks.

In Literacy we have started reading The Ice Palace about a boy called Ivan who sets off on an adventure to rescue his brother from somebody called Starjik.  Starjik takes a child every night in the winter so Ivan wants to save his brother.

Science has been fun!  We got the chance to dirty our hands and press them into a slice of bread!! We worked in groups and some of the class had dirty hands, some had normal hands and some used sanitising gel.  We checked the bread after a week and some of the slices had mould on them. Our topic is about germs.

When asked about the new school Jonah said he didn't want to go to the new school as he liked this one but Mollie is excited about going.

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Our trip to Tropical World by FW and SWM

admin on: Calder

On Tuesday 12th June we went to Tropical World in Leeds by coach.  When we got on the coach everyone was very excited. When we arrived at Tropical World we saw poison dart frogs and other creatures in tanks by the entrance.  We then had to walk round the butterfly bit and there were lots of them flying around. 

In the aquarium we saw all sorts of different fish including piranhas, sword tail fish and sting rays.  As we walked round we saw lots of reptiles like chameleons and there was a massive tank where you could just see the end of a crocodile's tail.

In the desert area we saw meerkats before we went into the nocturnal section where we saw bats,  it was very dark in there though. 

When we had looked round all of Tropical World we went to Roundhay Park and played football and rounders.  We had lunch in the sunshine.  Next we went to the lake and fed the ducks and swans before it was time to go back to the coach and back to school.

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Calder do the Big Sing by JJ and EG

admin on: Calder

First of all we got on a coach to Eureka, from there we walked to the Piece Hall.  It was crowded!  Next we went on the stage to practice all the songs at least twice. Sam (the songwriter) got very wet as it was pouring down.

After that is was time to eat our tea at the Orange Box, whilst we were there we got a badge. While we were eating our tea, friends and family started to arrive at the Piece Hall. It was now time for the official Big Sing!

It was really scary on stage at the start but we got the hang of it and the best part was we had fun!

We were recreating history, which was really nice to do and it looked like the audience really enjoyed it.

I hope everyone liked our songs as all the schools had created them about things that had really happened, such as Cragg Vale Coiners and Running Man and many more!!

It was nearly 9 pm when we all left to go home.  I hope this all goes down in history as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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 Calder have been busy!
 Calder Curriculum Overview


Our class blog


our visit to shibden hall!!

copley on: Calder

we looked at different areas of Tudor life during our visit to Shibden Hall.  We looked at Tudor toys and had a go at playing with some such as the cup and ball.  We looked at the fashion of the Tudor times focusing the 4 main materials they used. We even got to dress up in Tudor clothes!!  Afterwards we had a look around the hall at the Tudor rooms.  The bedrooms had huge beds with curtains round for warmth and privacy, the maid used a warming pan to warm the bed before the occupants got in!!  The kitchen had a large fireplace used to cook meat.  They used the fat from the meat to put into moulds to make candles!  Nothing was wasted!! 

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copley on: Calder

This week we have visited Shibden Hall learning about the Tudors - photos to come!!

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copley on: Calder

Another week gone by! Calder Class have been hard at work junk modelling the human digestive system.  They even managed to get a bead from one end to the other. Hooray! They really thought for themselves and showed excellent teamwork.  Well done Calder!

Next week we start investigating the Amazing Aztecs and in Science we will investigate solids, liquids and gas.

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copley on: Calder

Calder have been learning about Ranulph Fiennes this week as part of our Explorers topic.  We have produced some fabulous Powerpoint presentations with amazing animations.  We have also been investigating the effects of different drinks on teeth....using eggs of course!

Next week, we will be trying to junk model a digestive system....could be messy!

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15.5.15 Calder

copley on: Calder

In Calder this week we have been making dream catchers and tepees as part of our work on the Native Americans.  We have written some amazing Native American stories too.  In Maths we have started to look at angles and how to measure them with a protractor. 

Science this week has been about teeth and we have seen some grotty teeth in our slideshows! In Topic work we have been thinking about how and why people explore in both the past and present.

Next week, we will be investigating the Arctic and Antarctic and doing a teeth experiment with eggs!

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