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Home Schooling resources June 8th - 19th

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 Parent info june 8th.docxDownload
 Summer 2 2020 class newsletter.docxDownload
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 I Spy.pdfDownload
 T-N-1148-Doubling-and-Halving-Board-Game-2xA4_ver_3 (1).pdfDownload
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 RE Where do we Live-week 7&8.docxDownload
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 Complete the ai words.docxDownload
 Help the cat to finish the rhyming sentences.pubDownload
 In the lock down I miss.docxDownload
 Match the Hat.docxDownload
 sh and ch game.pubDownload
 The cat, the bat and the hat poem.docxDownload
 Who wears a hat like that.docxDownload
 Winnie and Wilbur.docxDownload
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