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Home Schooling Resources April 2020

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Topic Resources Week 1

 Egyptian Code Cracking.pdfDownload
 Topic Presentation.docxDownload
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Topic Resources Week 2

 European Flags.docDownload
 Our European Friends.docxDownload
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SPaG Resources Week 1

 Articles- a or an.pdfDownload
 Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs.docxDownload
 Spellings - 4 weeks.docxDownload
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SPaG Resources Week 2

 Present perfect tense.docxDownload
 Spag Mat.docxDownload
 Spring Activity Booklet Cursive.pdfDownload
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Literacy Resources Week 1 and 2

 Ancient Egypt Comprehension.docxDownload
 Dream Holidays - comprehension.docxDownload
 Friendly Felines - quick questions.docDownload
 Get Ready with Cleopatra - quick questions.docDownload
 Howard Carter - Comprehension.docxDownload
 Howards Diary - quick questions.docxDownload
 Planet Earth Comprehension.docxDownload
 Rosetta Stone- quick questions.docDownload
 Tom Comprehension.docxDownload
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