Copley Primary School

Google Classrooms

This page will be updated regularly with more information, guides and links which will help students, families and teachers get the most out of the Google Classroom learning platform.


Guidelines for Children Using Google Classroom ‘Meet- Ups’


To get the most out of our ‘live meet’ sessions, I will follow these guidelines:


  1. I will choose a quiet space, free from distractions, to set myself up for my live ‘meet’. (Preferably not a bedroom)
  2. I will dress appropriately for all live sessions. (Remember this is still a classroom setting.)
  3. I will use my full first name on my screen.
  4. When I enter my ‘meet’, I will turn on both audio and video. 
  5. I will mute my microphone during the lesson to avoid disturbing the class with any background noise.
  6. I will be respectful- just like I would be in class.
  7. When I have a question or comment, I will use the “Raise your Hand” button that can be found at the bottom of the screen. I will wait until the teacher asks me to unmute myself to speak.
  8. I will use the chat responsibly.
  9. When my class is over, I will leave the classroom by closing the window.
  10. I will not record or screen shot any of the session as I respect everyone’s privacy.
  11. I understand if I do not follow these guidelines, my teacher may remove me from the ‘meet-up’ session.

LIVE MEETS- quick start up guide to getting on your class 'Meet-ups'

Here are 2 guides which cover the basics of using Google Classroom on different devices:


Google classroom guide- on a laptop


Google Classroom guide- on an ipad