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Radio 2 500 Words

This spring, BBC Radio 2 ran its annual storytelling competition for children and yet again some of our children entered their own stories. The stories were also entered into a competition ran by Calderdale council and two of our children each won 2nd place in their age category, out of all the children in Calderdale! In the 11 and under category, Sasha's story hugely impressed the judges, as did Georgia's story in the under 9 category. Here is a picture of the girls accepting their awards and you can also read each of the 500 word stories here!

Beware! by Sasha


Finally I arrived at my new house, I was independent at last! My friend Emma -from my old neighbourhood- showed up. I was quite shocked to see her there. “Hey how are you doing? I haven’t seen you in a long time” I ran as fast as lightning to give her a hug. Emma giggled as she handed out my present. I was really excited to see that she had come all this way just for me. Slowly, I began to unwrap the present as I saw a picture we took together a long time ago. It was us when we were little.  

 We stepped into the new house to begin exploring. The floor was creaky and the room was full of dust. “Well it might get better?” Emma whispered quietly. I switched on the lights so it wasn’t as gloomy…A glimpse of a body flew past. “Did you see that!?!” I questioned with confusion. “What are you talking about?” Emma whispered quietly. “Must have been my imagination” I gasped nervously.

It was getting late Emma and I was too exited yet anxious to sleep. Suddenly a shadow beneath my feet grew bigger and bigger. The light dramatically flickered and a gust of wind flew right in front of her. It stopped. A hand appeared as wrinkly as a 90 year old’s, a small figure emerged. Its ears were small pointy like holly leaves. It had a suit on that had ripped holes in and dark rose stained blood. Its eyes had purple fire dancing inside the iris. And the worst part was that it had… FANGS! “What are you doing here you are full of juicy tasty be blood” It whispered right inside my ear. I screamed until Emma came sprinting upstairs to me. “Ellie what’s going on? I heard you screaming!” I was shivering like I had just had frost bite from the North Pole. Possibly Santa would have arrived if it was any colder! Emma stomped downstairs, “would you please stop imagining everything you think you see!” I panicked. I took my bag and raced out of the door.

Then I felt a tight grip on my shoulder. “Not so fast!” the voice boomed. I couldn’t catch my breath and I fell to the floor. I had fainted! All my sights around me were blurry and I could hardly see. Suddenly, I felt the most painful thing that has ever happened to me. I began to scream so loud that Emma could hear me from outside. I felt as cold as ice. Its fangs had pierced the collar of my thick brown coat, my senses were tingling and I was changing. My heart sank as I felt blood dripping from my neck. “Emma?!” I yelled.

The Button-Eyed Dragon

by Georgia


Once upon a time there was a little girl called Annabel. She lived in London in an orphanage. Annabel’s mum and dad died when she was a baby. The house she lived in was bombed during the Second World War. Annabel was the only survivor. The police handed her over to Miss Gloom at the Orphanage.

Miss Gloom was a scary woman. She was a tall and scrawny and looked like she needed a good meal. Her face reminded Annabel of a witch. Miss Gloom always wore a dark green dress and her hair scraped into a bun. It was so tight it looked like it must hurt.

Miss Gloom didn’t call the children by their names. She gave them at number. Annabel’s number was 246. Annabel shared a room with ten other girls and her closest friend was ‘194’, her real name was Jessica Parker.

Jessica Parker never knew her dad and her mum died by giving birth. The orphanage itself was so so so spooky and it was as tall as a castle. It was as dark as a cave and too scary for an eight year old.

Annabel had her only teddy at night. Its name was Hope and it was a dragon who had light, red skin but with darker tail. It had two button eyes one green and one blue. To Annabel, it was so cute.

At night she dreamed of the dragon coming to life and her and Jessica rode on the dragon’s back.  They flew over trees, rivers, mountains, towns, cities and lakes. They felt free from that horrible orphanage.

The dragon was tired so they landed in a palace garden. Princess Charlotte and Prince George came out to meet them.  They loved Hope the dragon.  They asked if they would stay for a picnic. They had pop, ham sandwiches, biscuits and cake.  After the picnic they played badminton, tig and hide and seek. They all picked flowers for each other. They had a wonderful time!

Hope gave the Prince and Princess a ride on her back. Then the Prince showed everyone around the Palace. It wasn’t scary like the Orphanage. The Palace was crystal with huge comfy beds that would fit ten little girls in. They all went back to the garden and were just about to toast marshmallows on Hope’s fire but then Annabel heard ‘194..246! Wake up! Wake up’ shouted Mrs Gloom angrily.

Annabel woke up. She realised it was just a dream. Annabel was so sad she started crying, “Oh I wish it was real!”

When a tear dropped onto the dragon, something magic happened. The dragon started to get bigger, bigger and bigger until she was as big as a real dragon! Annabel and Jessica jumped onto the dragon’s back, it started to fly! Miss Gloom shouted, “Come back at once!” The girls just waved at Miss Gloom as they set off on another adventure. This time it was real!