Copley Primary School

Monday 8th February - Extra Live Morning Meets


As advertised on the newsletter last week, we have added extra Live Morning Meets (Monday-Thursday) for each class. The purpose of these is to provide a focus on Literacy tasks and more teacher-led learning directed by the class teacher. 

These will happen at 10.30am for Kingslea, Riverwood, Calder and Woodhouse 

And 11.00am for Greenpark, Springwood and Lydbrook.

Teachers will still be available for the afternoon meets for those who wish to attend.

Friday 29th January - Update: PHASE 3


PHASE 3 of our Remote Learning

After 2 weeks of running Phase 2 of our remote learning, we have listened, reviewed, and refined our provision ready for Phase 3 to begin from Monday. Some of the main additions and changes are:

  • Our Virtual Class Library: each class will have 10 new titles added each week to their library on the class page of Google Classrooms. This selection will be extracts and chapters of quality books to give our children a variety of different genres they would normally find in our library at school. We know reading online is not the same as holding a good book in your hands so these virtual libraries are there to keep children excited about reading 


  • Copley Cooking Class is a new weekly session on offer as our resident cook, Aaron, will demonstrate and explain how to make a simple delicacy for you to try at home. There will be a new recording each week to try out if you fancy. Ready. Steady. Cook! 


  • Each class will have a Live Meet scheduled for a morning session during the week rather than an afternoon slot in the hope that work can be discussed with the class teacher BEFORE it is attempted. We have listened to feedback, especially where clashes of Live Meets may occur, and this is one step further towards improving remote learning for our pupils. Please see the new timetable below for details and times from Monday 1st

These are just some of the highlights to our Phase 3 and we will continue to improve our provision during this current climate to provide the highest quality of education through the virtual learning platform.


We would love to hear your thoughts on what we have provided so far regarding our Remote Learning provision. Please could you take a little time to complete a short survey through the following links. If you have a child in Reception or KS1 please follow the first link. If you have a child in KS2 please follow the second link. If you have a child in BOTH key stages, please could you put all your answers on ONE SURVEY ONLY.


Reception and KS1:



Thank you for your support.

Mr Theaker



Golden-Time Get-Together Friday 29th January

Tomorrow's Golden-Time Get-Together's theme is...... Teddy Bears Picnic (or Tea Party if you are too cool for teddy bears!)
Pupils at home can have their teddy/cuddly toy ready to show the others during the Golden-Time Get-Together and have a snack or drink ready for their 'picnic'. It may be an opportunity to do some baking at home or learning how to make up a sandwich during the day.
Children attending school may bring ONE teddy or cuddly toy to school if they wish to. (They will not share it with others throughout the day.) We will provide a drink for them in school.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
EYFS 10.45am   Yrs 1&2: 1-1.30pm    Yrs 3 & 4: 1.30-2pm   Yrs 5 & 6: 2-2.30pm

January 25th Remote Learning Provision Information for Parents

January 18th Update


We hope the children enjoyed our first day of 'live meets'- I know all the teachers came back smiling from seeing their classes again. There were a few technical issues on different types of devices but we are all learning from each other in this new age of remote learning. A big THANK YOU to those parents who helped with suggestions and solutions to the technical problems a few families were having whilst teachers were presenting their 'meet'. I am sure these sorts of issues will become fewer as we move on. (Our Facebook page has information and help for the issues which occurred today.)


Each class has 3 sessions throughout the week (please refer to the timetable below) and this will be aimed at helping children with the work which has been set. The link for the meet will only appear 5 minutes before the starting time for the meet-up.


On Friday, the meet is more about having some fun with their friends. 


Please can I ask you to make sure your child has read and understood the guidelines school has set out (See Google Classroom tab on the left). These are for safeguarding purposes as well to help children get the most out of the sessions with their teachers.

We will continue to assess our remote learning provision daily and adjust things when necessary. If you have any issues with our online offer or technical set ups, please email the teachers through the class email and we will do our best to solve them.

Thank you for your patience and support during this time.


Mr Theaker

Head Teacher

January 15th Update


‘Resilience’ and ‘Teamwork’ are 2 of our Copley core values and the last 2 weeks has shown how our pupils, families and staff are able to use these to face the challenges which occur. During these last 8 school days since lockdown was announced, pupils, parents and teachers have all had to adapt the traditional style of teaching and learning to cater for the new way of online learning. Unfortunately, it seems like the ever-evolving dimensions of remote teaching and learning will be around for a while longer.

I am very pleased to inform you about Phase 2 of our remote learning provision. You may have noticed teachers being more visual on some of their lesson presentations this week, giving explanations of the tasks and topics- this will continue for Literacy and the Topic/Science subjects set each day. Daily Maths lessons include a video with explanations of the objectives, methods and calculations needed for the objectives being covered. Other subjects (French, Music, IT, PE etc.) will be added to still offer a broad curriculum. EYFS follows a slightly different formula each day but covers all their needs throughout the week.


Assemblies on Mondays (Theme for the week), Wednesdays (Book Assembly) and Fridays (Celebration Assembly) will be available on Google Classroom or our website.


Online live meet-up sessions will be offered for children learning from home. The purpose of these live meet-ups is for discussion with the teacher about work done, further instruction or explanation if needed and a general catch up with their teacher live. We have varied the days and times of these sessions to try and reduce the chances of any clashes between home devices being needed for families with more than one child. Please see the table below for class and session times.




On Friday, we will begin our new ‘Golden-Time Get-Together’ which will give ALL the children- whether in school or at home- a chance to spend time together. Each week will have a different theme and fun activity, but it is intended that our pupils still feel they are part of the class and ‘be with’ their friends. Once again, to reduce the chance of siblings needing devices at home at the same time, we have staggered the sessions:

EYFS 10.45am      Yrs 1&2: 1-1.30pm  Yrs 3 & 4: 1.30-2pm         Yrs 5 & 6: 2-2.30pm


I expect there may be some teething problems at first and, unfortunately, not all live sessions will be at times suitable for all pupils and families and we will monitor, assess, and refine where we can. (Instructions on how to join the live sessions through Google Classrooms will be put on the Google Classrooms tab over the weekend.)


I hope that the blended mix of recorded lessons, assemblies and live sessions will give all our children wider opportunities to learn and help them still feel part of our school community.


Mr Theaker

Head Teacher