Copley Primary School







Name: Miss Burke

Likes: Shopping, walking, spending time with family and chocolate.

Dislikes:  Spiders

Favourite film: Matilda

Favourite book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Favourite food: Chinese

Favourite subject: Maths

If you weren’t a teacher what would you be and why? An interior designer - I would love to design houses.

Who is your hero/heroin: My mum and dad.






Springwood Timetable:


In literacy, we are looking at writing instructions. Today we looked at some instructions of how to make a stone age dessert but all of the steps were in the wrong order! We had to put them in the correct order and then we followed them to make our own stone age dessert. We used blackberries, blueberries and honey. Some of the children enjoyed it - but I think they would much rather have the desserts that we have now!


Today in our science lesson, we looked at the Eatwell plate and learnt all about what makes a healthy, balanced diet. We sorted different foods into their food groups and looked at why we need each food group and what it does in our body. We then worked in groups to prepare a healthy main meal for our client. It was very fun - we made sure we gave them vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. 


Springwood have had a super fun maths morning for our festival of triangles! We completed some triangle puzzles and did lots of triangle art. We made our own pictures out of triangles and also made a triangle mosaic.


In science today, we were identifying the different parts of a flowering plant. We dissected our own plants and identified the root, stem, flower and leaf. We then looked at the function of each part. 


Today in literacy, we have been practicing using inverted commas. We used pasta for our inverted commas and wrote our speech sentences on the table - it was very fun!