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 Name: Miss Cook

 Likes:  Holidays, shopping and dogs

 Dislikes: Spiders and scary films

 Favourite film: Anything with a happy ending! 

 Favourite book:  Harry Potter

 Favourite food: Bruschetta and Pringles

 Favourite subject: Maths and PE

 If you weren’t a teacher what would you be & why? Anything that could combine working with children and travelling the world.

 Who is your hero/heroine? Mrs Hinch - I love to organise!




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Week 1 - Welcome Back

Posted: Nov 6, 2020 by: admin on: 6/11/2020

We hope you had a fabulous half term! We have had some super busy brains as we welcomed everyone back! 

This term our theme is winter wonderland, we have learnt a song all about the different seasons in a year, googling pictures and videos in ICT to see how different they look and choosing which one is our favourite!

In numeracy we have learnt a new song all about the days of the week, the children are amazing,  so ask them to show you!  We can put them in order and recognise each day! Some children have even been learning a song about the months in a year and putting them in order! 

We had the most amazing morning visiting Highbury School, we had fun in the outside classroom, playing hide and seek in the garden and even riding all the different bikes and scooters!

On Thursday we had an outdoor adventure to the woods where we put on our wellies and walked up to the farm to visit the pigs and horses, we saw lots of dogs and even had fun throwing sticks into the stream and waterfalls!


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