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 Name: Miss Cook

 Likes:  Holidays, shopping and dogs

 Dislikes: Spiders and scary films

 Favourite film: Anything with a happy ending! 

 Favourite book:  Harry Potter

 Favourite food: Bruschetta and Pringles

 Favourite subject: Maths and PE

 If you weren’t a teacher what would you be & why? Anything that could combine working with children and travelling the world.

 Who is your hero/heroine? Mrs Hinch - I love to organise!




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Week 2

Posted: Apr 30, 2021 by: admin on: Week 2

This week in the Hub we finished off our writing our very own stories thinking of their own characters, the setting and plot which are fantastic!

In Numeracy we introduced the bee-bots using position and direction, the children gave instructions such as left, right, forwards and backwards! We also linked this work into garden school on Wednesday, giving our friends and teachers instructions to follow to get to different destinations within the garden! 

In Music the children created and copied rhythms using clapping nd percussion instruments!

In Science we predicted which lights would be the brightest and dullest then tested them, comparing a variety of lights such as lamps, torches, watches, lantern and many more! We also sorted which lights were a "natural light source" and which were a "man-made light source". 

On Friday in cooking we created our own mini pizzas using muffins, tomato sauce and a choice of yummy toppings!

Well done to Jessica who is the Hub's "Star of the week" Jessica is new to the Hub and has worked really hard in all her new challenges! 

Have an amazing bank holiday weekend! See you all on Tuesday!


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