Copley Primary School




At Copley we use Essential Letters and Sounds (ELS) as our Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme. This programme is followed with rigor and fidelity by all teachers and teaching assistants. Discrete whole-class phonics lessons are taught to all children, daily in Year’s 1, 2 and Reception. To ensure that learning is embedded, flashcards and reading opportunities continue throughout the day and additional phonics teaching is given to identified children. Phonics remains the main strategy that we use to approach/decode unfamiliar words and spellings across the school.



We ensure that the children are confident at, and can independently blend, the first set of sounds taught before taking home books containing these sounds. The children then go on to learn the next set of sounds and subsequently move through the reading scheme taking home only the books matched to their phonic ability. Each child reads with an adult in school at least once a week. We encourage our parents to read with their child at home and ask that they share their home school books together multiple times to ensure the children build confidence, fluency and understanding of the text.



Individual phonics assessments are completed for all children working within Letters and Sounds Phases every half term. Teachers then use this information to support pupils in moving forwards. Continuous formative assessment is carried out during lessons and this is used to inform any same day intervention or catch up.



Children who have been identified as ‘working below the required standard’ should have daily intervention until they are back on track as part of the ‘keep up not catch up’ ethos. This daily intervention can be paired with pre-teaching of the next sound to be taught. We use the ELS intervention programme to ensure continuity.

Here is a copy of the PowerPoint from the phonics/early reading meeting we held for parents ahead of rolling out our chosen SSP scheme. If you would like a copy of the presentation please do not hesitate to contact school. 

To help support your child with spelling words at home which are decodable please refer to the spelling sequence below.